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by Peter Sohns & Alexander Weber LRTA 2023

This book is intended to give an impression of the diversity of Japanese trams. However, it is not a pure illustrated book, nor is it limited to route maps and vehicle lists. These
are of course included and make up a large part of the content, but the authors would like to give a comprehensive impression of the companies and their operations in this fascinating
country. Therefore, in addition to images, fleet lists and track maps of all tramways, it also contains other useful information, such as descriptions of the operations and the use of
vehicles, tips on photo locations and special features along the routes. It is supplemented by chapters on the museums, the tram systems that were closed after 1945 and the trolleybus
companies. It was decided to present the systems in geographical order from north to south, according to the four main islands of Japan on which they operate. English and German

A4 softback; 272 pages, 423 colour and black & white pictures, 48 track maps.

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