Lost Tramways: South Wales and Valleys

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Lost Tramways: South Wales and Valleys

This new strand in the popular Lost Lines of Wales series documents a second area of Wales’ transport heritage, its now lost tramways.

Trams were once an everyday sight on the streets of south Wales, with their predecessors, horse-drawn buses, servicing the area since at least 1845. This exploration of a long retired mode of transport gives insight into the daily lives of those in the communities it served, the centres of industry and subsequently of modern Welsh identity throughout this time. The book taps into aspects of life in Wales which have now vanished, and highlights the rich heritage which remains. Rigorously researched and photo-illustrated, the book guides the reader through the story of tram services in south Wales station by station.

Peter Waller is the author of numerous works on British transport history, including several regional studies of its tramways.

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June 2018

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