Lost Tramways: Bradford

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Although better known as a pioneer of trolleybus operation – the city played host to Britain’s longest surviving trolleybus network (61 years) – Bradford Corporation operated a sizeable fleet of 4ft 0in-gauge trams through to May 1950. As such, the city could lay claim to being the last operator of this gauge of tram in Britain and – in the restoration of No 104 – the first to see a derelict tramcar restored to use. Now, however, little remains to remind people of this once important form of transport other than historic photographs.

Locations featured include: The city centre, Allerton, Duckworth Lane, Heaton, Crossflatts route, Idle, Undercliffe, Bradford Moor, Stanningley, Wakefield Road, Manchester Road, Wibsey, Queensbury.

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February 2020



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