The Tramways of Upper Silesia - A Guidebook

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Michael Russel 2022

Tells the story of a truly remarkable network in a region of Poland rich in mineral resources, which was at serious risk of closure in the post-industrial era but has survived and regenerated itself to become an important player in the regional transport infrastructure. Local political support and a determined and committed management who, even in the darkest days, never lost faith in the tramway’s future potential, have resulted in the transformation of infrastructure and introduction of modern, low-floor rolling stock to cater for the needs of present-day passengers. The way in which advantage has been taken of well-maintained second-hand articulated cars from cities such as Frankfurt and Vienna, and the very professional manner in which these have been modernised within the tramway company’s workshops, is testament to a vibrant and forward-looking undertaking. The people of Upper Silesia are lucky to be served by one of the greatest tramway networks the world has ever known. The book also acts as a comprehensive guide to the system that operates today.

This book will be available free of charge to LRTA members booking accommodation for the AGM Weekend in Katowice – see website for details.

Published by the LRTA – A4 softback, 240 pages, 300+ black & white and colour pictures plus large-scale folding track plan.

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