The Tramways Of Portugal

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by Brian King & Carl Isgar 2022

This new fifth edition of the popular LRTA handbook (the first was published in 1964) has been expanded to include the new installations in Lisboa and Porto. It also provides wider coverage of the trolleybuses, thus providing a comprehensive overview of electric street traction in Portugal. It was decided from the outset that with the volume of new material available this new edition would not be produced in larger format. It provides a comprehensive overview of what continues to be a fascinating country for the transport enthusiast. All of this has resulted in a considerable increase in size from the 34 pages of the first edition and 92 in the fourth edition to an impressive 328 in this one. The chapters have been authored by a team of distinguished tramway experts from Portugal, the UK and The Netherlands and the photographic content includes many previously unseen views.

A4 softback, 328 pages, 400+ black & white and colour pictures and 57 maps.

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