Charleroi's trams since 1940 Coal, steel and cornfields

Artikel-Nr.: LRTA Charleroi 1940
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eoffrey Skelsey and Yves Laurent Hansart 2013

From the authors of three previous books on Belgium, two geographical (on Brussels and the coastal tramway) and one thematic (on the Belgian PCCs). This new book covers a city and its hinterland much visited by enthusiasts in the days when it was the focus for many long and fascinating Vicinal routes.

All that people will remember is within these covers - the Vicinal lines serving this coal and steel producing area, the independent town tramway system, and also the Metro routes which arose from the ashes of the Vicinal.
As usual, it is very well illustrated with a selection of high quality photographs. The 112 pages contain over 200 illustrations, plus numerous maps and plans. There is a large scale fold-out map of the area in its heyday by Roy Makewell.

Published by the LRTA – A4 softback; 112 pages, fully-illustrated in colour and monochrome

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