Bluebird Reborn

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Edited by Lynn Wagstaf
Published by the LRTA 2023

This book tells the story of LCC No. 1 from its inception in 1929, detailing its construction, its service in London and Leeds, its time spent in preservation and its recent
restoration at the National Tramway Museum, including its return to operation. Featuring a wealth of rarely seen photographs and documents, the book provides an in-depth account of
the restoration of one of the most significant tramcars ever built. The book explains not only how the Museum decides whether or not to restore a tramcar within its collection, but
also the process that leads up to the physical restoration taking place. Supported by images taken throughout the duration of the project, the reader is taken through every major
element of the restoration of LCC No. 1 to 1932 operational condition.

A4 hardback; 224 pages, 330 colour and black & white pictures, four maps.

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